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What is different about the Law Office of Sestino Barone?

The Law Office of Sestino Barone encourages you to do research before choosing an attorney to represent you in any matter. When doing your research, you’ll probably see a few trends.

First, there will be many “experts” offering to provide you the documents you need to file. They will not charge much; probably anything from 50 to 100 dollars. But, the documents that you’ll get in exchange for your money are available for free online. Why pay for free documents? And that price won’t include the filing fees the court charges, which can be several hundred more dollars. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your expert is actually an attorney. In some cases, these document preparers make it a point to advertise the fact that there are NO attorneys working on your case. And let’s say that you’ve filled out the forms incorrectly… or there is some mistake that you failed to catch and the court rejects your document. You’ve probably no place to turn for help because you didn’t hire an attorney.

Second, there will be some law firms offering to handle your matter for rates far lower than one would expect. It is not unusual for attorneys to charge $5,000 for a retainer in the state of New York or New Jersey. So when a law firm quotes a price that is significantly lower, are you getting your money’s worth? There are several factors that can easily raise the cost of your case or matter. If you need to negotiate about a piece of property or debt the price may increase. So the low price that you’re initially quoted might double or triple, depending on the hourly rate the attorney charges, by the time your case or matter is finalized.

Additionally, the low cost law firms work with a large caseload. A large caseload means there will probably be a large staff separating you from your attorney. A single attorney may have three secretaries doing the work on your case. When you want to talk to your attorney you may be unable to speak to them because they are too busy.

The Law Office of Sestino Barone is different.

First, I am an actual attorney. The experts who are offering to prepare the documents needed are often people who are not licensed to practice law or give legal advice.

Second, I work almost exclusively with commercial matters. It’s nearly all I do. I don’t have a million dollar mass tort case that I am litigating, nor do I have a host of criminal defense cases to juggle. Your case will be no more or less important than anyone else’s. I won’t delay answering your call so that I can take someone else’s.

This is how the Law Office of Sestino Barone is different. I have the resources to handle your situation from beginning to end. Call 1 (888) 785-8566 now so we can discuss your rights and options, or email me directly using the form on my Contact page.