Practice Areas

The Law Office of Sestino Barone is a full service law firm providing counsel in several areas of law. Within each of the below listed Practice Areas, there are several subcategories for which we provide specific services geared to the focused niche within that field and governing the particular matter or project, and the needs of our Clients.

Practice Areas:

Corporate Law
Our corporate law practice is designed to assist our clients in all stages of their business needs. We help our clients with the formation, organization, reorganization and dissolution of their businesses and everything in between. These services include representing our clients in transactions and ongoing corporate matters.

Commercial Litigation / Business Litigation
Contractual disputes, partnership disputes, stock-holder disputes, fraud, business torts, injunctions, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, damage or destruction to property, judgment enforcement, subrogation, insurance coverage, and employment matters.

Collections Law / Judgment Enforcement
Enforcement of judgments and collections for individuals, companies, and on behalf of other attorney’s referred clients.

Internet Law
Our Internet law practice is designed to provide guidance for virtual and interactive businesses.

Real Estate Law
This practice area covers many subcategories within the Real Estate category that often cross with our Corporate practice. These areas include Landlord Tenant issues and Leasing; Purchase, Sales, and Transfers; Repurchase Facilities; Participation Interests; Collateralized Debt Obligations; Asset Backed Transactions; Environmental Compliance; Zoning; etc.

Wills, Trusts and Estates Law
Our T&E practice offers individuals and families counseling to set up and manage Wills, Trusts, and Estates.