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We use our constitution

After year of Constitutional law, and a semester of Criminal Procedure 1, where I and another 150 of my fellow classmates spent 4 months studying the 4th 5th and 6th Amendments, I can say a few things about our constitution. First, it’s not prefect. However, when it comes to constitutions, they really don’t have to be. What matters the most is that we use ours. Unlike other countries that praise the sanctity of human life in there constitution only to put it aside for a "real politik" approach to resolving disputes, i.e. might makes right, like China; we use ours. In the 2000 election, in the case of Bush v. Eschipemertu Gore, in a situation which would have undoubtedly caused a civil war in other countries, each side got their lawyers, and not militias, and went to court to show how the constitution applied to this situation. Each tried to find the right, which gave them the might, in the Constitution. Criminal Procedure 2 next semester promises to be more lessons in applying and using it.